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Gary Merz started Budd Bay Accounting & Advisors in 2011. From the beginning, Gary envisioned a company that would not follow the traditional CPA firm model. "I started a firm that would work with closely held companies who wanted more from their CPA/Tax Professional than just compliance work. Instead of being a scorekeeper, I wanted to help our clients be successful and have fun along the way." This caring and authentic approach to personalized client service fills a need as our clients are treated like valued family members versus the traditional CPA role!

We have a passion for inspiring entrepreneurs and investors to create an abundant future for each of them and our local community. Our team members – Henri, Chuck, Karen and Jenni all play important roles in assisting our clients to achieve their respective financial and physical energy potential. We love to come to work/play at our waterfront office space at Fiddlehead Marina.

Budd Bay Accountants & Advisors


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Gary Merz, Founder/Principal

Gary earned a Bachelor of Arts (Business Major - Specialization in Accounting) from Central Washington University in 1977. After receiving his Certified Public Accountant certificate in 1979, he earned a Masters in Taxation from Golden Gate University in 1982.

Gary Merz has enjoyed a varied career in teaching accounting, business and tax subjects at three different community colleges in Washington as well as over thirty years of public accounting with firms in Hawaii and Washington State. In 2011 Budd Bay Accounting & Advisors was founded and Gary brought his specialization in tax planning/preparation and operational management to assist the firm with closely held businesses. When asked what he enjoys about what he does, the first thing Gary mentions is his approach to working with clients. "A successful relationship is about being more than a tax specialist. It's important to understand ' the why 'behind the numbers, not just the numbers themselves." By following a strategic thinking process, Gary helps clients find solutions for many of the issues they may face.

Gary is on the board of the Olympia High School Alumni Association which awards scholarships to OHS grads every year.

I'm Henri and I get to greet the clients as they come in the door to meet with our people with two legs. I get to play with the people and they are always welcome to rub my belly or pet my head. We get to go on walks on the Boardwalk with my brother Benson around mealtime (my favorite) and on Thursdays with my girlfriend Dakota (see Jenni below).

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Henri C. Merz

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Taking a meeting

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Benson Merz

Budd Bay Accountants & Advisors
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Charles ‘Chuck’ Pfeil – Client Accounting Manager

After many years of work and life experience, I have realized a core value of mine is providing caring, meaningful assistance to others. So it is no surprise that I find it highly rewarding to help my clients here navigate complex or challenging life and business issues. Budd Bay Accountants & Advisors provides me an opportunity to connect with clients directly and provide quality, caring assistance in a friendly, relaxed setting.

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Matilda (Mattie) Pfeil

Budd Bay Accountants & Advisors
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Jennifer ‘Jenni’ Usrey-Scott Tax Manager

Hi, my name is Dakota and my human is Jenni. She loves working at Budd Bay Accountants & Advisors. She says they are her family. She loves it so much that she brings me to the office on Thursday, so I can walk with Benson & Henri.

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Dakota Usrey-Scott